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Download free trials and updates for Adobe products including Creative Cloud, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro DC, and many more. =====Welcome=====Link Download Adobe Flash Professional CS5:#!gSwxDKQT!G8O06cxqkOUlQAgmmI5NUf_0N08z. Adobe – Flash Professional CS5. Adobe – Flash Professional CS5. Adobe. This content was authored by Adobe Systems, Inc. Choose your region. Selecting a region changes the language and/or content on Americas. Brasil; Canada – English; Canada – Français; Latinoamérica; México; United States; Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Adobe flash professional cs5 pdf free download. Using Adobe Flash Professional CS5 (Interactive Video) to Teach Listening in Senior High School


Joanna C. Aciek Ida Wuryandari. Jacob Burdis. The objectives of the course were to implement the five standards for foreign language learning as constituted by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities.

The design project is an attempt to implement these principles in an independent distance learning course, with particular emphasis on encouraging meaningful communicative learning in authentic, real-world tasks and contexts. The product of the design is a course deliverable completely online through BrainHoney, a course management system utilized by BYU IS for its courses.

The product consists of eleven homogeneous lessons, each with instructional content preparing learners to communicate in a specified context that reflect real-world situations. This paper discusses the obstacles of designing a distance education language learning course, especially facilitating communication in real contexts and the design objective and products geared towards overcoming these obstacles.

Emma Barnes. Tita Beaven. Abstract This article provides an overview of the website Vivre en Aquitaine, a website for learners of French that introduces learners to that region of France whilst at the same time developing their language skills, cultural knowledge, and intercultural awareness.

Whilst designers of learning resources have to take into account the learners’ needs and objectives, the interplay between pedagogy and design are also crucial in developing the resources, and work together in an iterative process. Jeff Peterson. Lingua Idea 1.

Maya Apsari. L’Oreal A Battistelli. Kara McBride. Mohanaad Shakir , Ridha Omar. Laily Amin Fajariyah. Mohanaad Alnaseery. Leanne Walsh. Ekawati Dukut. Dimitris Rinis. Cynthia S Wiseman. Izzati Rozman. Jocelyn Wishart. Enjang Juanda. Hudu Zakaria. Katie Crossman , Geoffrey G Pinchbeck. Dawn Bikowski , Greg Kessler.

Susana Sotillo. Ian Witten , Shaoqun Wu. Rasha Essam. Angela Chang. Gumawang Jati. Tatiana Babenko. Cathrine-Mette Mork.

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Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Kiki Mitna Havid Ardi. Related Papers. Machinima: Why think’games’ when thinking film.

European Journal of Dental Education The development of an exemplar e-module for the continuing professional development of European dentists. Recommended website. Materi yang dikembangkan ini berbasis video interaktif. Pada video interaktif ini dikumpulkan satu paket materi yang terdiri dari percakapan-percakapan percakapan dari native speaker dan soal-soal soal latihan untuk melatih kemampuan listening siswa. Siswa akan termotivasi untuk belajar karena desain video yang yang hampir menyerupai sebuah game dan mereka juga dapat langsung berinteraksi dengan video untuk bebas memutar dan memilih bagian yang diinginkan atau diperlukan.

Pemilihan materi yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan siswa diharapkan mampu mengatasi kesulitan mereka dalam listening. Introduction Listening is one of important skills in interpersonal relationship.

Everybody has to be able to listen and catch what the speaker said in order to communicate well. As Mathews says, listening perhaps is the most precious skill for everyone in order to interact with other person. It shows that how meaningful listening is in daily life.

It will be hard for people to communicate if they cannot listen to others. Furthermore, Wilson says that there are four causes of why listening ing is difficult. Firstly, it is because of the characteristics of the message. Next, it is because of the characteristics of listener. Each learner has different way to study. Last, the characteristics of the environment are also influenced. Weather in the room can influence the ability of the students to capture the conversation.

Based on preliminary inary observation and informal interview to some students in some senior high schools, there are some problems they faced in learning listening. In some schools, sometimes, teacher reads some texts and students complete C-Test Test with the words they heard. Actually, Actually, listening material that is read by the teacher has several weaknesses.

First, there will be vocabulary misspronounce. The second one is the speed of conversation. The last is the tone of the conversation. Different tone will give the different meaning meaning and later can lead misunderstanding. Furthermore, it seems that some schools or teachers also have problem related to material that provide a good pronunciation.

As students rarely listen to a good conversation like the real American, British or Australian do also make them difficult to face the listening material in National Examination Ujian Ujian Nasional.

Nasional Another case in some schools, listening material is not well arranged and attractive enough to encourage the learners to listen. Thus, students said that learning listening is boring and difficult. Based on Tomlinson , materials should have ability to attract the students and teachers, the materials should be able to motivatee learners, and the materials should match with administrative requirements such as standardization and preparation for an examination. You can select them all at a time by holding the Ctrl key from the keyboard and selecting them.

Right click on the selected Timeline sections and select Insert Frame. You will notice frames inserted in the thumbnail layers. From the Timeline select the first frame of Picture layer. After you select the first layer, go to properties panel change the name to pic1. Once you change the name, you will see small red flag in the first frame of the Picture layer. Now drag the first picture from the Library panel. Make sure that the picture must correspond to the small pictures that are on the bottom of the stage.

Go to properties panel and change the dimensions of the picture. W: px, H: px, X: 82 and Y: 0. You will notice that the picture will be aligned at the middle of the stage right above the small pictures. After you change the dimension of the first picture, right click on the second frame of the Picture layer select Insert Blank Keyframe.

Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 for the remaining pictures. Make sure you Insert Blank keyframe in each section and name pic2, pic3 and pic4 for the remaining pictures. Dimensions will be same for all pictures. Picture layer with new key frame Picture aligned at the center of the stage 9. After you are done with step 8, select Action layer from the Timeline. Click on the first section of Action layer and press F9 or right click and select Action to go to the Action Script panel.

Application of Action Script 1. Type this exact code below on the Action panel screen. Action Script 2. Close the Action script window after you are done with typing the scripts. Use pinning attributes for the Bone tool to create more realistic inverse kinematic effects. Add interactivity by visually injecting extensible ActionScript code snippets.

Quickly and efficiently scale artwork to various sizes, and copy and paste layers and timeline attributes. Write and test code quickly and easily. Quickly and efficiently write code, thanks to powerful authoring tools and integration with development software.

Visually inject extensible code snippets, and use Adobe Flash Builder software as your full-featured ActionScript editor. Leverage seamless mobile device testing and integration with Adobe Device Central for enhanced testing and debugging of content for smartphones, tablets, and consumer electronic devices. Manage projects that target multiple devices, and share symbol libraries across multiple files. Create once, deploy virtually anywhere. Who uses Flash Professional? Interactive designers use Flash Professional to create content with expressive motion.

With enhanced support for the Text Layout Framework, more than 20 new code snippets, and pinning support for the Bone tool, they create immersive interactive web content and experiences. Web designers use Flash Professional to create expressive interactive content with design fidelity. Using mobile-optimized code snippets, adaptive scaling, and enhanced layer control, they create free-form and immersive interactive web content and experiences for delivery virtually anywhere.

Web application developers use Flash Professional to save time and reduce the number of steps required for incorporating data and deploying applications. With seamless mobile testing and full integration with Adobe Flash Builder, they provide data connectivity for websites and build cross-platform rich Internet applications for delivery virtually anywhere.

Graphic designers use Flash Professional to create expressive interactive content. With enhanced support for the Text Layout Framework and easier-to-apply code snippets that teach basic ActionScript programming, they create free-form interactive content for delivery virtually anywhere.

Motion graphics designers and visual effects artists use Flash Professional to create interactive content with design fidelity and expressive motion. Using pinning support for inverse kinematics with the Bone tool, they deliver short-form video content, advanced animations, and professionalquality productions for delivery virtually anywhere.

Deliver to desktop computers. Your content displays with a consistent look and feel across operating systems and browsers. Deliver to mobile devices.

Deliver content that plays back on millions of devices worldwide, and reach audiences on smartphones that run Android 2. Produce immersive content optimized for tablet devices. Take advantage of touch input and gesture-based actions that enhance the user experience. Deliver to Internet-enabled televisions.

Extend the reach of your content into consumers Internet-connected living rooms, with immersive experiences and applications that run on Adobe AIR for the Digital Home.

Efficient workflows for multi-target content Simplify the creation and management of multiple FLA files that are created for a single project, but that target multiple devices. Share code and assets across documents and device targets to efficiently create, test, package, and deploy content for a wide range of screens and devices. For example, symbols modified in one document update across other documents.

The New Project dialog box has been enhanced to include a Default Document section, which allows you to specify a document name, target player, and ActionScript version. With Flash Professional CS5. The Project panel also makes it easier to manage multiple files that belong to the same project. Designers spend much of their time adjusting a single design to work at multiple sizes. Everything on the stage, including symbols and motion paths across all scenes, are scaled.

There are also controls for limiting scaling to unlocked or visible layers. By checking the Scale Content With Stage option, you can easily resize artwork and timeline data to work at different sizes. Enhanced layer controls Flash Professional CS5.

Copy and paste layers including ones with motion and inverse kinematics armatures to a different timeline or even to a different FLA document. You can also cut and duplicate layers, and even copy and paste folders. Copying layers between documents makes it easy to move content between different files in the same project.

Symbol rasterization Complex vector artwork can take a toll on the processors of mobile devices, degrading rendering performance. Flash Professional CS5. The Convert To Bitmap command allows you to convert selected artwork on the stage to a bitmap. Once converted, the artwork is no longer editable in Flash Professional, although you can edit it in Adobe Photoshop software.

The Export As Bitmap command is a display property that you can apply to movie clip symbols. With this setting enabled, chosen symbols are rendered as bitmaps on stage when the project is published, with the benefit that the symbol remains editable.

Drag the pick whip to a movie clip on the stage to insert the instance name of your target movie clip into the code. Achieve extraordinary web design Explore the wider world of web design and development with Adobe Creative Suite 5.

Get a more comprehensive toolset at an appealing price. A single, easy-to-use panel in Dreamweaver CS5. Build rich content for devices with support for the jquery mobile framework. Take advantage of mobile templates, contextual code hinting, and the ability to quickly insert objects into a design.

Build standalone applications targeted at multiple platforms. Leverage mobile-ready components optimized for performance and touch input. Enjoy a full designer-developer workflow. Work collaboratively and confidently on shared Flex based projects with a new bidirectional workflow that allows designers who use Flash Catalyst CS5. For more info, see Adobe Creative Suite 5. Upon selecting a snippet from the Code Snippets panel, you can view a description or preview the underlying ActionScript code on a heads-up display HUD before you apply it.

In addition, the code snippets themselves are formatted to help novice and inexperienced programmers parse the code and apply it quickly. Typographic formatting and rollovers indicate areas of editability. The pick whip tool appears when you position your mouse over a movie clip placeholder in the code. Streamlined publishing and document settings Save time with a newly designed and more efficient Publish Settings dialog box, which you can now access directly from the Properties panel.

Select multiple formats on the left and edit the corresponding settings on the right. New to the dialog box is the ability to publish a SWC file to a path of your choice without having to publish the SWF file. In addition, the dialog box now returns relative paths when selecting a publish destination so that files can be more easily shared across teams. Designers, developers, and programmers alike will find Learning ActionScript 3.

You’ll learn the language by getting a clear look at essential topics s Professional Flash Lite Mobile Development. Through a series of code samples and extensive example applications, you’ll explore the core concepts, key features, and Mastering Adobe Captivate 8.

Adobe Captivate is used to create highly engaging, interactive eLearning content. This book gives you the expertise you need to create and deploy your own professional-quality eLearning courses.


Adobe flash professional cs5 pdf free download

Download Free PDF Key word: Interactive material, Adobe Flash Professional CS5, teaching listening A. Introduction Listening is one of important skills. Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Bible ; Publisher, Wiley ; Published, ; Pages, ; Language, English ; Format, Paper book / ebook (PDF). Free PDF Book Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Bible, Computer Programming Books, Download Free Books in PDF Format.

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