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Update: How to Recover Unsaved or Lost Adobe Illustrator Files (CC,CS6)

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Although the Autosave feature in Illustrator may cause a software crash, it’s necessary to turn it on. With this Autosave on, you can recover. Learn how to recover your Illustrator files after a crash. Manage settings for autosave and auto-recovery.


How to recover lost data from Adobe Illustrator – Stellar Data Recovery


Automatically Save Recovery Data Every. Ensure that this check box is selected. Turn off Data Recovery for complex documents. Automatically Save Cloud Documents Every.

If Illustrator crashes in between the specified recovery time intervals, you may notice some data loss.

Auto-recovery preferences are automatically turned off if Illustrator crashes during the data recovery. In that case, re-enable data recovery from Preferences. Setting a time interval that’s too short may interrupt your flow as you work, especially if you’re working on large or complex files. Setting a time interval that’s too long may increase the risk of data loss if Illustrator crashes. Choose a value that works best for you. Connect with Illustrator community.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Sign in to your account. Sign in. Many Adobe Illustrator users complain about file loss after sudden app crash, software bugs, virus attack, OS crash, etc.

So, how to recover lost files from Adobe Illustrator in such situations? Read this post to learn different methods to recover data on Mac and Windows after Adobe Illustrator crash, freeze, system shutdown, and more.

Adobe Illustrator has an auto save feature that helps recover unsaved files when the app closes unexpectedly. While working, an abrupt system shutdown or crash may not let you save your work. To recover unsaved Illustrator file, restart the program. It will recover your artwork using the auto saved recovery feature. As you reopen the Illustrator after the crash, the unsaved file with the Recovered suffix will be visible on the top bar of the program. You can save it with a new name at a desired location on your computer.

If in a hurry, you happen to close the recovered file without saving it, restore it from Adobe Illustrator autosave backup folder on your system as mentioned in Method 2. Adobe helps you recover lost data from Adobe Illustrator files on your computer in case of data loss or app crash. But the recovery feature is not enabled upon installation.

You can save the backup or recovery files at your specified location in a folder. Step 1 : Go to your specified location for Illustrator data recovery files or follow the default location on your computer as shared above. Then select the required file and rename it. Step 3: Next, open the file with Illustrator and click on File. Select Save as to save the file. With this method, you can recover the last saved or previous version of the lost Illustrator file.

However, if Illustrator crashes between the recovery intervals you had set, you can no longer get back the lost data. Note: Whenever Illustrator crashes, the data recovery feature turns off automatically. Thus, you need to re-enable it from the Preferences panel to auto save your data.

In Steps: How to enable autosave and data recovery in Illustrator from Preferences:. TIP : The data recovery preference for large or complex files slows down your system, interrupting smooth workflow. Have you lost your Adobe Illustrator files from backup due to accidental deletion, formatting, or crashing of the computer? Use an Adobe Illustrator file recovery software — Photo Recovery to quickly restore your work saved as vector files.

It thoroughly scans the drive or storage media to recover the lost or deleted EPS and other files. The DIY software has a highly intuitive interface and supports recovery from hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, etc.

Its advanced scan engine and search filters can recover the Illustrator artworks without hampering their original quality. Sometimes, you spend hours working on an Illustrator file, but the result is not what you expected. The next you want to do is to undo the changes. This will revert your work to its last saved version, removing all the changes you made to it. You may not have deleted the Illustrator files but cannot locate them.

Customise how each new Illustrator document will autosave by default and control how each document autosaves and backs-up individually. As recommended by Adobe, this plugin will play a core role in your Read more ».

Large files can significantly slow down your workflow. Editing, zooming As part of the subscription, we want to give you product training that Autosaviour is an integral part of a professional Illustrator workflow, ensuring a vital safety net of automatically saved artwork or timed reminders, along with optional backup versions, speeding up your workflow and reducing the common stresses when working with technology.

To install Autosaviour, simply start a trial and use the Astute Manager to install. No license key required and Autosaviour will continue to operate after the trial period expires for other Astute Graphics plugins. Panel displaying the current document’s time since last save, time until the next save and the status.


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I just downloaded Illustrator CC and it crashed while I was working on it. 1) How/where do I recover the file Now you can use Free Autosaviour plug-in. Restart Adobe Illustrator program. · In the AutoSave prompt box, click OK to open unsaved AI files again in Adobe Illustrator. autosave launch · Go to File>Save. Adobe Illustrator has an auto save feature that helps recover unsaved in Preference window to avoid slowing down of Adobe Illustrator.

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