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Use the icons at the top of the Task bar to switch between layer views. There are several reasons to select multiple layers. You may want to move or transform different layers together. Or you may want to group layers to organize them. Tip: Alternatively, you could use the Touch Shortcut to select multiple layers. Tap one layer in the Layers panel to select it. Then press and hold the Touch Shortcut as you tap other layers to add them to the layer selection. Adobe Stock contributors: aetbe , kichigin19 , Dmitry Kokh.

Instructor: Jan Kabili. Buy now. What Font should you use? Here is a list of 30 pairs—one for each use case. Looking for a way to apply formatting faster and more consistently? Here you can find also a video tutorial. Craving for some structure in your InDesign documents? Read this content and learn how to create bulleted lists for your documents. Let the superior appearance of your InDesign document speak for itself.

Besides adding bullet points another great way to add structure and create a logical path for your readers in your InDesign documents is with the help of numbered lists. Read about how to use this feature best because it will be one of the most helpful things you could learn. Adding an artistic flair to one or more paragraphs in your InDesign documents can be easily done with the Drop Cap feature.

Learn how to do it and take your creative idea to the next level. There is so much more to simply converting the text inside your InDesign document into an outline. Learn when to use or avoid it, and most importantly learn how to do it fast when needed.

InDesign is a powerful tool that besides practical features is also packed with automations to help you create stunning documents. However, sometimes these automations such as hyphenation can do more damage and lead to mistakes. Here is how to better understand, control, and disable InDesign hyphenation. Overset text in InDesign is one of the most common text-related issues but also one of the easiest to handle too.

In this guide, you’ll read all the basics and some advanced automation tips that will save you a lot of time. Does your document need columns? There are three main ways to create them. Learning all three will give you more control over your document and let you achieve the perfect layout. The last thing you want in your document is a typo. That’s why InDesign has an amazing spell check feature.

Learn how you can keep the mistakes out of your work, through spell check, dynamic spelling, or autocorrect. Did you know that you can import a Word file into InDesign while mapping its text styles? Also, you can import the Word file as a link, so you can update it later and sync the content from the Word file to InDesign. Learn the fastest ways to insert an image—or many images—into InDesign, and then explore how to deal with images with text inside and avoid mistakes.

This simple tutorial will guide you into creating a clipping mask from text, a single shape or a group of shapes. A three-part series on InDesign tables that will teach you how to create a table in InDesign, convert text to table, and how to import Excel files into InDesign.

InDesign is all about providing you with the freedom to be creative while allowing you to automate processes so you can speed up your workflow, and this feature is all about that.

Learn how to use this creative feature and express yourself through the typography in your documents. Do you have a presentation and you need to convert an InDesign document to PowerPoint? Do it directly from your CC in just a couple of minutes. Do you know how to prepare your documents for printing? This tutorial covers the basics and links to an ebook in case you want to dig for more information. Are you looking for a way to convert text into outline in InDesign?

Unsure if you should do it at all? Find out our take and advice! A short guide on how to improve the design of your documents with the goal of making them translation-friendly while also being able to leverage the power of the tools integrated within InDesign. Would you prefer a video course? Maybe one that is well structured? Did you think about YouTube? Udemy is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults, and there you can find lots of great courses like the one linked here that you can enroll into directly from your computer!

This new addition was suggested by our reader Patricia Green. It’s linear, but accessible if you want to learn modules. Learn how to use InDesign master pages to keep a consistent layout and save time when importing text and creating your documents! In the post you’ll find also two pro tips that can literally save you hours of work.

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What you learned: Change layer stacking order, add a photo from your Camera Roll to a new layer, transform a layer, apply a layer blend mode, select multiple. Adobe Help · Adobe – General · Adobe Dreamweaver CC · Adobe After Effects CC · Adobe Illustrator CC · Adobe InDesign CC · Adobe Photoshop CC · Adobe. Nov 5, – Download InDesign for free as a trial or as part of Adobe CC. This a Youtube video from March is the beginning in a tutorial over.


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