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Audirvana 1.5.12 free

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Excellent work, you guys!

Audirvana 1.5.12 free.


But the important thing is all about the SQ, the main reason why we are choosing this app. I don’t think I’m going to upgrade this for a while, since the SQ is my main concern and the new version can’t really deliver that ‘wow’ to me. Please feel free to share your thought about this improvements. Joined Aug 30, Posts 42 Likes I’m a registered user but I won’t be upgrading either.

The new release seems rushed. It feels like an unfinished product that needs quite a bit of work yet. Joined Dec 29, Posts 1, Likes For me the SQ was not as good, I couldn’t work out what had gone wrong in my system and started changing valves etc, it was that much of a problem. The sound was harsh and a little compressed. The database management feature is not a big deal for me. I preferred the drag and drop file option of A1. Apparently the developer is going to work on the SQ in a future release.

Frankly I don’t care about the music database management feature as much as I do about the SQ. I suspect I am not alone.

Selling a product where certain aspects are unfinished, yet “not on the developer’s list of priorities” does not sit right with me. I thought the 1. I was shocked when the developer removed functionality without so much as mentioning it on the forums proxy files This is not how you treat your paying customers and quite frankly, this in itself makes me think twice about buying the upgrade even if the upgrade would be finished or even worth it. What if the developer removes functionality that I have come to rely on again, without so much as asking his paying customers?

I have a lot to say about JRiver MC on OSX , don’t get me started, but I like to be appreciated and taken seriously as a customer, so I’ll vey likely will be spending my money on their product. I don’t understand why remove the drag and drop feature that was in A1 without mentioning it?? I have gone back to A2 this morning and it updated to 2.

Having said that it was probably me all along that and the valves burning in. Sometimes this hobby makes me doubt my sanity! I’m wondering if the 1.

I hope they won’t completely abandon us. I’ve tried the v. Please let me know if anyone experiencing the same problem as I am. Click to expand Joined Aug 28, Posts Likes Yeah other than supporting the developer, I really don’t see any reason to upgrade Izotope, etc. Lorspeaker Headphoneus Supremus. Joined Nov 29, Posts 7, Likes Joined Aug 21, Posts 36 Likes Reliability improvement against corrupted audio files. Legacy Audirvana database import: add automatic fix for missing values that were causing the import to restart.

Read the full changelog. Solid audio player that manages to offer one step further in terms of audio content management and streamed content playback Although it features an unusual way of importing local audio files, this audio player and music library manager manages to impress through its elegant design, accessible features, ease-of-use, and overall handling efficiency. Load comments. All rights reserved.


– Audirvana 1.5.12 free

Classifieds New listings New comments Search listings. Somehow my Mac was infected by a malicious software and I have no idea how to remove it its icon did not appear in the Application folder. Actually, all you need to do is a select-and-delete move.


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