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Create a library, add materials and assets to the library, and load the library into your project. A materials library is a collection of materials and assets. Revit comes with standard libraries for Autodesk materials and AEC materials. These libraries are locked, as indicated by the lock icon, meaning that materials in these libraries cannot be overwritten or deleted. You can create your own user libraries for easy access to sets of materials that you use most often, or that you use with a particular type of project.

After selecting the Create New Library option, navigate to the network location where you want to save the library and enter a name for it. To populate the new unlocked user library, you drag materials from one of the Autodesk supplied libraries, or from another user library, or from the project materials list.

Now, let’s say, you want the porcelain material to have a matte finish. First, rename the material, then add it to the current project so that you can edit it. Now that this material is added to the project, edit the Finish property in the Appearance tab, and change the value from “Satin” to “Matte”. Since you are working within the project, you must copy the material back to the user library, in order to save your changes to the version of the material that is stored in the library.

It is important to understand that if you make changes to a material and want those changes to be available to others, you must copy the updated material back to a user library in the Library panel. User libraries are not locked by default.

You can also add named categories to a user library, to accommodate the organization scheme that you prefer. For example, the materials in the AEC materials library are organized into categories such as Ceramic, Concrete and Fabric. In this example, let’s create a Bathroom Finishes category for the Revit Project user library, and then drag related materials into it.

To support the use of consistent materials, you can share a user library with other Revit users on your project team or other project teams. If you want to access a material from another library, first load the library in Revit and then add the material to your project. This video demonstrates the following: Create a user library and populate it. Add a material in the new library, and edit a material property. Copy the updated material back to the user library.

Lock user libraries. Add named categories to the user library. Load a user library in Revit and add a material to the project. Note: This video was recorded using Revit When using a newer software release, you may notice differences in functionality and user interface.

Transcript A materials library is a collection of materials and assets. The materials and assets in the Autodesk locked libraries remain unchanged. Parent topic: Materials. Related Tasks Video: Manage Materials.


Autodesk revit 2019 material library free

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About Material Libraries | Revit | Autodesk Knowledge Network.Enbimvn – Product Key Revit


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Free Consolidated Physically Accurate Material Libraries in Revit • ATG USA

A material library is a collection of materials and related assets. Some libraries are provided by Autodesk, and others are created by users. With its expansive BIM library growing every day, users can easily download free Revit families, AutoCAD blocks, SketchUp models, and more. From lighting Revit.

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