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AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The game has very little story, and essentially it is just another loot-heavy smash and grab action RPG, but it’s the absolute best game in it’s genre. A strange animal, Darkspore doesnt seem to want you to like its charactersand wont let you make your own. Amazon Payment Products. It’s a great value with tons of replay. The lobby system and friends list make it easy to team up, too, but I’m annoyed there’s no offline mode for solo play. See all reviews.

– Darkspore pc game

Join the universe of Darkspore, a fast-paced, online sci-fi Action-RPG in which you battle across alien worlds to save the galaxy from the mutated forces of. Darkspore was a video game that borrowed creature editing technology from Spore. It was described as “a fast-paced, science fiction action role-playing game.


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Audio player loading…. Andy Chalk opens in new tab. More news. Activision Blizzard earned more on mobile games last quarter than PC a See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. UPDATE: Surprisingly, despite the lack of updates, support, player community, the Error 3 issue is resolved, likely due to a server reset which would need to be done regularly anyways.

It could have been damage control as EA has been voted the worst company of the year twice, and they were in the news for temporarily removing the game from Steam. Error 3 is fixed, but the remainder of the review is still valid. At this point in time, it would be folly to purchase this game.

Darkspore has been officially abandoned per an announcement on the Darkspore forums, and currently, players are experiencing Error Code 3 which doesn’t appear to be documented beyond a couple threads , which prevents players from saving changes to heroes a KEY gameplay mechanic and some players report that they’re only able to play the last level they entered and can’t change levels. The lack of support, popularity and news of this game likely means that they aren’t likely to manually fix this error.

Now that the warning has been made, I do need to fairly review the title as Maxis deserves much of credit for what the care put in into the core of the game. Pros: -Familiar Diablo style gameplay that emphasizes action and skill as players need to learn to avoid projectiles and attack patterns.

Which leads me to You have enemies that cower in fear when alone, enemies that put up a timed invincibility buff when half dead, cyber enemies that use their laser attack to boost similar teammates, enemies that can haunt you, enemies that teleport away, enemies that can slow you down in time bubbles, enemies that shoot fast projectiles, enemies that shoot super slow, easy to dodge projectiles, some of which will stop and change direction to attack you again.

The enemy variety is literally the best I’ve ever seen in a “Diablo clone” and I think players take it for granted. I’ve seen so many interesting skills from this game -Hero swap mechanic: Allows for a variety of skills and strategies for the player to take on a level.

It sure does suck if you die with a continue. Some enemies shoot projectiles that you have to dodge. One tank like enemy shoots three, continuous lasers that you need to dodge and after a few seconds, will re-aim those lasers at you. This game requires more than your typical random luck and kiting tactics. Criticals are satisfying when you see enemies explode in blood. Like MMOs and Diablo 3, you can only play this online. This is likely a reason why this game didn’t sell well, as the biggest reason why Diablo 2 was popular so long after its release was because of LAN and offline gameplay.

Just open up Diablo and play anytime you want. It doesn’t make any sense for a game that requires constant grinding in a traditionally single player genre This isn’t an MMO, you don’t explore or socialize, or waste time. The last official patch was in Sept Players constantly gripe about unavoidable and irreparable errors and even on the Darkspore forum, there is an official announcement stating the game was abandoned -No trade system: There’s no official way to trade items beyond dropping what you don’t want while in the middle of the fight.

Considering the issue I have with items below, this is irritating and cuts out a social aspect in the game that requires to be online with people. I’m not quite sure you loose all your drops from battle, or just the special drops, but it sucks to loose all that if you die while continuing especially when it’s hard to find the exact gear you need for each heroes.

I often find items of a much higher level for my hero that aren’t the best items to use because they don’t have stats aligned to it. It stinks to have to go through a long horizontal list to get through level select. Lobby list will only show people in the main lobby or friends list – so there isn’t a correct account of all online players. So many errors that you can literally do nothing about and makes your Darkspore disc a glorified coaster. I think this only applies to a digital version straight from them, and maybe the Steam version.

I bought the disc here from Amazon and I don’t need EA Origin Search why people don’t like EA Origin The sad thing is, if this game was allowed be played offline and be modded like Diablo, nearly all the issues could be fixed.

There are so many things done well with the core mechanics of this game and I hate to see the low Metacritic ratings because the game itself isn’t bad, it’s the environment that EA forced Maxis to put this game in. It’s not fair that they are still selling a game that is online only, but riddled with online server issues. EA, we know you want to make money, and thats cool. And atleast make it so even after the servers are dead we can still play them. How About That!?

Almost didn’t order this because it seemed to appeal to a younger audience and because it seemed too similar to a typical Diablo-esque hack’n’slash. This is now my favorite game of all time! The game has very little story, and essentially it is just another loot-heavy smash and grab action RPG, but it’s the absolute best game in it’s genre. It’s very polished, and offers a few unique hooks to set it apart from other action RPGs: — Spore’s Creature Designer.

The lobby system and friends list make it easy to team up, too, but I’m annoyed there’s no offline mode for solo play. Server delays make jumping in and out of the character editor tedious, and you can’t pause even in single-player. PvP is in there too, but it’s rudimentary—1v1 or 2v2 matches are just slug-fests in a small arena. The triple-hero system gives it an extra dimension, but unless you save your best hero for last you’re unlikely to come back from losing a hero first.

Darkspore just leaves me asking questions. Why can’t I build my own hero? Why can’t I trade loot with other players? EUR Skip to main content. About this product. Open box. Make an offer:. Stock photo. Brand new: Lowest price The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. Was EUR 4. See all 8 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart.


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